Wrought Iron Fencing

Iron Fencing

Beautify and protect

More than ever before wrought iron fences are very popular on all types of high end homes, businesses, parks, gated communities and a variety of other areas. They offer a very distinguished look to the overall décor of your property and provide a great finishing touch to any exquisite landscape or exterior design.  Not only do they increase the resale value of your home, but it is also remarkable the degree to which they provide added security.

Residential and Commercial

Wrought iron fencing is commonly used in both residential housing and commercial or business locations where security is a high concern.  A custom decorative iron ornamental fence makes a great addition to your luxurious suburban or inner city home making it distinctive and increasing its worth. A commercial grade security fence can maintain a protected perimeter in areas surrounding corporate or industrial buildings.


The sturdy material these elegant fences are made with is very appealing and unlike traditional wood fences, iron fencing does not easily splinter or break. Wood is much more susceptible to the elements and can sometimes be pulled down by strong winds, while a metal fence will last much longer.


Iron fencing offers a higher level of security than other types of fencing because it is not easily bent, broken or even detached. The addition of decorative spikes will dissuade trespassers, thieves or any unwanted persons to consider attempting to enter your property.


Beautiful Wrought Iron Fences